Those who want to contribute, can do so, and further their own development ...

„Those who want to contribute, can do so, and further their own development ...“

John Melgert
Product Management, Moerdijk

I have been working 25 years now for Wuppermann in sales. These years are marked by growth and innovation ...

„I have been working 25 years now for Wuppermann in sales. These years are marked by growth and innovation ...“

Britta Schwiegelshohn
Sales, Leverkusen

As a company, Wuppermann believes firmly in continuing professional development and promotes these measures ...

„As a company, Wuppermann believes firmly in continuing professional development and promotes these measures ...“

Gerold Walzl
Shift Manager, Judenburg

After my apprenticeship as a Production Technician, I was taken on by Wuppermann as a skilled worker ...

„After my apprenticeship as a Production Technician, I was taken on by Wuppermann as a skilled worker ...“

Alexander Hartleb
Maintenance, Judenburg


Welcome to Wuppermann!

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Are you looking for an employer who will offer you good prospects and career opportunities? Are you looking for a new professional challenge in an international environment which will give you the chance to take on responsibility and at the same time provide you with a secure job? Would you like to work for a medium-sized family company with a long-standing tradition which can also provide the security of a group structure? Then you should get to know us! We offer a diverse range of career opportunities to school leavers, students, university graduates and individuals with professional experience, at all stages of their professional careers. 


Why Wuppermann?

Training and internships

Start your future with us

Have you almost finished your school career, or have you in fact already gained your school qualifications? Then launch your professional future with us. We can offer you a diverse range of apprenticeships at the various different Wuppermann sites, in both commercial and industrial fields of work. With a school internship, you are given the chance to get a first taste of working life at Wuppermann before you make the decision to apply for an apprenticeship with us. This will give you some interesting insights into our company and you can also establish initial links with the relevant contact persons.

Our training concept focuses on the specialist qualifications which you will need for your chosen profession. As well as in-depth teaching of the required skills and knowledge, we also place great emphasis on close and individual support and guidance, as well as on the appropriate measures to ensure that our apprentices are integrated well into the production environment. more

Continuing professional development

For employees and for the company

Highly-qualified and motivated employees are the key to the ambitious solutions which we offer our customers. A key element here is also the targeted development of our personnel. This is why we place great emphasis on having a wide range of measures for the continuing professional development for our employees. It is our goal to fill as many as possible of our managerial roles from within our own ranks and to offer these employees continuing professional development. As well as developing expertise, we also foster the personal potential for development of our employees. 

We set up the Wupperman Academy especially for this purpose. more

We are Wuppermann

Employees get a chance to speak

  • Stefan Keusch, Design Engineer, Altmünster

    "I started as an apprentice at Wuppermann more than ten years ago and, in that time, I have undergone a continuous process of professional development. In my position as a Design Engineer, I am very happy with my work and I appreciate the varied tasks I am given which present me with new challenges every day. We also work together very closely in a team and this means there is really good team spirit amongst the employees. The company also encourages individual professional development, which is something I personally have benefitted greatly from. The Wuppermann Academy provides us with really great support."

    Stefan Keusch
    Design Engineer, Altmünster

  • Thomas Vogl, Production employee, Altmünster

    "When I joined the company back in 2008, it became clear to me that the regular investments, which Wuppermann make, and the resulting improvements in our competitive situation are issues that are taken very seriously. This means that we as employees are provided with a secure job. We are regularly given new challenges which means that our everyday working life is never boring - that's something that is really important to me. Teamwork and openness between superiors and employees are also given high priority at the Altmünster site. This means that, when we have problems, we work together to find better and faster approaches to finding solutions."

    Thomas Vogl
    Production employee, Altmünster


Questions about job applications

How does the application process work?

When a Wuppermann site publishes a job vacancy on the Wuppermann website and perhaps on external online jobs portals, then a contact person and an e-mail address are usually named. You can in principle make a paper application but in general online applications have now become the norm. If the application fulfils the requirement criteria and stands out particularly in comparison to the other applications, then you will be invited for an interview. This interview will be conducted by a Human Resources manager together with a manager from the relevant specialist department. At the end of the conversation, we agree on when we can expect to get some feedback on the interview from you and when you will receive feedback from us.

What can I expect in the selection procedure?

You can expect a fair interview procedure and a conversation which is aligned to the requirements of the job in question. This means that, as well as asking questions on your personal biography, we will be looking for examples of occasions when you have been successful in dealing with tasks relevant to the role in question. When it comes to recruitment for apprentices, there are also tests to highlight your level of skills in various areas. For senior management positions, we carry out scientifically-based personality tests and assessment centre exercises. 

What aspects should I pay particular attention to in my application?

It is important that the reference to Wuppermann and to the advertised position can be clearly recognised in your letter of motivation. In addition to this, it is important that everything you say is true so that any contradictions will be avoided. The first impression we get is key for all further assessments which will be made on the application. That is why an attractively designed and error-free application is always a plus. In this age of online applications, it is particularly important to produce a carefully prepared application which is as individual as possible. 

Which documents need to be included with the application?

The letter of motivation and the CV are the core elements of the application. In addition to this, you will also need a reference from your current employer and perhaps your previous employer. And, according to your age and position, a certificate confirming completion of your apprenticeship and school examinations, which will underline your suitability for the advertised job. Certificates from training courses in regard to key skills, such as languages, IT or other qualifications relevant to the vacancy in question will help to complete the picture for us. 

How large are the documents attached to the application allowed to be?

The application must not exceed a size of 10 MB.

Which channels may I use to submit an application?

Contact details are given in the job advertisements, indicating an e-mail address for sending in your application. We are currently working on implementing a barrier-free, one-click solution directly from our website to make the application process more straightforward. And, incidentally, you are also welcome to submit paper applications. We have also set up a digitally-supported employee recommendation programme, which has initially been launched in Austria. 

Is a refusal final, or is it possible to apply again at a later point in time?

A rejection only applies to a comparison of your particular skills with the specific job requirements for the position in question. The dynamics of change mean that even a vacancy with the same wording in the job title may have different requirements in 2-3 years' time.  For this reason, no rejection should be considered final - it is always possible to make a new application to Wuppermann. In the future, we will also be moving increasingly in the direction of 'talent pipelines', which mean that-with the active agreement of the applicant-an application can be held 'electronically for resubmission' for future vacancies, and Wuppermann will in the meantime maintain contact with the applicant.


What is the situation regarding data protection in the application process at Wuppermann?

At Wuppermann, we consider data protection to be a very important issue. We have a Data Protection Officer at each site and have standards in place for our application process. Without the consent of the applicant, no applications-whether in paper form or as a data file-may be kept or stored once the vacancy has been filled but must instead be deleted. When the applicant receives confirmation that their application has been received, they will also receive our Data Protection Information Sheet where they will find an explanation of all the relevant data protection questions in connection with their application.

How long does the application process last at Wuppermann?

This may sometimes depend on external circumstances, as well as on the number of applications received, holiday periods, etc. In particular through the longer switching times in the online area, receipt of applications is no longer as concentrated in terms of time as it used to be with printed advertisements. Recruiting methods are also undergoing change. Whatever the case, we are always keen at Wupperman to bring the application to a successful conclusion as quickly as possible.

Will I receive feedback on the status of my application in the course of the application process?

It is currently the case that candidates receive interim status updates if there is any delay between the interview and the decision being made. Once our online solution is up and running, you will be able to track progress for yourself, as is actually standard practice nowadays.

What is the best way for me to get prepared for the interview?

The best way to prepare is to spend some time addressing the person specification in detail. A critical factor for success is being able to cite examples which make it clear that you fulfil the requirements - this will give a good impression in the interview and will secure you an advantage in comparison with the other candidates. Furthermore, it is a good idea to memorise a broad outline of your CV so that you are able to quote from it without difficulty. One of the best ways to help yourself is to get a good night's sleep beforehand and be sure that you arrive relaxed and in plenty of time for the interview. 

Can I send in a speculative application?

You are welcome to send us a speculative application at any time; in this case, mobility is a clear plus. We are a decentralised company group so opportunities for candidates making speculative applications may arise at various different sites. Within the framework of our planned online application process, there will also be a button for speculative applications. 

Questions on the theme of work at Wuppermann

What career opportunities does Wuppermann offer?

In principle we have the usual career opportunities here at Wuppermann - for apprentices, young and more experienced employees and managerial staff. Our decentralised structure means that the relevant contact persons are based locally, and the career opportunities are precisely tailored to the needs of the region and the group company in question. 

What prospects can Wuppermann offer me?

Wuppermann brings together the advantages of a medium-sized company with the security and opportunities provided by a corporate group. This means that you are quickly given the opportunity to take on responsibility and you will be working with the latest aids, such as SAP, which will increase your own employability. It is Wuppermann's goal to try if at all possible to fill all our management positions internally. If you have the required mobility, then Wuppermann is the ideal partner for your career.

What are the options at Wuppermann in terms of continuing professional development?

Aside from our internal Wuppermann Academy, which has a wide range of options available to develop skills in the areas of management, communications, methodology and social competence, we also offer external professional development courses which are agreed upon after individual consultation with the employee in question. Wuppermann also offers financial support in longer-term training measures, such as training to gain master craftsman qualifications, and we can offer flexible working hours to fit in with this.

Are there options to work at any of the other Wuppermann sites?

It doesn't matter whether you are hoping to build a career locally or you are interested in moving to another location or even country as a career step - at Wuppermann, this is all possible and is something our employees particularly appreciate.

What kind of models do you have in terms of working hours?

On account of our decentralised structure, we are able to offer a wide range of different models in terms of working hours. These range from shift systems and flexitime arrangements to trust-based working hours and working from home.

What kind of induction phase do you provide?

These also vary a lot - on account of our structure as a medium-sized business, we have the option and the resources to set these up on a very individual basis for the position in question. We are convinced that spending time getting to know colleagues and the usual practices and learning on the job make more sense than attending a large number of seminars outside of the working area.  

Can I also work part-time at Wuppermann?

Requests to work part-time are welcomed by Wuppermann and will be granted wherever our operations allow this. We appreciate being able to plan in advance for our processes and we can be very flexible if you make a request in good time; we can then offer part-time arrangements tailored to the needs of the individual employee, including the option of working from home.

Can I do an internship or write my university thesis at Wuppermann?

Wuppermann is keen to set up a good relationship with potential future employees and trainees at a very early stage. This includes the option of getting experience of everyday working life through an internship or of spending time looking into a particular theme in a more in-depth way by writing a thesis within the context of a university degree. We value the win-win situation which arises from this - a good number of our current employees have found their way to us via this route.

What options does Wuppermann provide for people who want to make a lateral move within the company?

In this respect we tend to be rather traditional. The type of business we are in requires a high level of specialist and process-related knowledge, which as a rule is something that has to be built up over a period of many years. For the successful onboarding of individuals coming from other areas, we would need to set up specially-designed programmes. However, on account of our decentralised structure and the size of our company this would not be cost-effective for Wuppermann. Nevertheless, some employees do succeed in making use of our internal jobs market to achieve a lateral move to another role after some years of successful work with Wuppermann, e.g. from production into production planning.

What measures does Wuppermann provide to help achieve a healthy work-life balance?

We stick to our collective bargaining agreements and company-wide agreements and-as far as is possible in operational terms-we offer flexible working hours and trust-based working hours. Within the context of the expansion of concepts of health and safety at work, we also take into account stress factors in the work situation and make every effort to minimise these so that time spent at work can be perceived as satisfying and successful. With options to work from home and the corresponding infrastructure, we are responding to the wishes of our employees for more flexibility, without having any particular expectations in this regard. An example - at 6.00 pm, the CISCO phone automatically switches off and the blinds go down. We can't really express in a friendlier way the fact that it is time for our employees to devote some time to themselves. 

Do you provide any fringe benefits?

We provide a range of fringe benefits which vary according to the country you live in. One example of a group-wide benefit is our 24h accident insurance cover. Each site has a leaflet within the employee handbook which gives details of the fringe benefits provided in their local area. Our fringe benefits are also constantly being updated. For example, in Germany, the tank card has been replaced by a Wuppermann 'spendit' credit card which employees can use to pay for goods at any place worldwide that accepts Mastercard; and they can check their account status on their smartphone.

Apart from regular pay, is there any other form of remuneration?

Depending on the collective bargaining agreement which is in place, there is also a range of other components which make up our employees' salaries. Worth mentioning here is our scheme for employee participation in company success - this provides an annual premium for employees which depends on the financial results achieved in the unit they work in and on the particular company division which the unit belongs to.