For Employees and the Group

Highly-qualified and motivated employees are the key to the ambitious solutions which we offer our customers. A key element here is also the targeted development of our personnel. This is why we place great emphasis on having a wide range of measures for the continuing professional development for our employees. It is our goal to fill as many as possible of our managerial roles from within our own ranks and to offer these employees continuing professional development. As well as developing expertise, we also foster the personal potential for development of our employees. 

We set up the Wupperman Academy especially for this purpose. In collaboration with the St. Gallener Synorga, we have spent a number of years developing a training concept which is specially tailored to the needs of our company. The Wuppermann Academy is open to all our employees. The programme at the Wuppermann Academy is constantly being expanded and updated in order to provide optimal support in developing the competence of our employees. The seminars we offer deal with areas such as management, communication, methodological skills, sales and marketing, and negotiation. Current organisational development projects such as the Lean Offensive project at various different Wuppermann sites are also run by the Wuppermann Academy, as are a number of different team-building measures.