Career opportunities at Wuppermann

Traineeships & Internships

Have you almost finished your school career, or have you in fact already gained your school qualifications? Then launch your professional future with us. We can offer you a diverse range of apprenticeships at the various different Wuppermann sites, in both commercial and industrial fields of work. With a school internship, you are given the chance to get a first taste of working life at Wuppermann before you make the decision to apply for an apprenticeship with us. This will give you some interesting insights into our company and you can also establish initial links with the relevant contact persons.

Our training concept focuses on the specialist qualifications which you will need for your chosen profession. As well as in-depth teaching of the required skills and knowledge, we also place great emphasis on close and individual support and guidance, as well as on the appropriate measures to ensure that our apprentices are integrated well into the production environment. With the qualifications you receive, you will quickly be able to take on responsibility, giving you good prospects for the future as a skilled worker at Wuppermann.

We are keen to set up good relationships with our future career starters and apprentices at a very early stage. This includes the option of getting experience of everyday working life through an internship or of spending time looking into a particular theme in a more in-depth way by writing a thesis within the context of a university degree. We value the win-win situation that arises from this - a good number of our current Wuppermann employees have found their way to us via this route. At Wuppermann, we strongly believe in encouraging young talent and have clearly defined rules in this area.

The companies in the Wuppermann Group:

  • do not replace full-time positions through interns, volunteers, job shadowing or long-term temporary workers.
  • will not fob off university graduates with an internship when they have applied for a permanent job.
  • will not try to lure interns with the vague outlook that this might lead to a full-time position.
  • offer internships principally to allow young people to gain some professional orientation whilst they are still in training or education.
  • pay interns an adequate remuneration.


Contact Person

Wuppermann Austria GmbH

Gussstahlwerkstraße 23
A-8750 Judenburg

Sabine Walch

Phone +43 (0) 50910 434

Wuppermann Hungary Kft.


098/2 hrsz.
H-9071 Gönyű


Janos Vincze

Phone +36 (0) 96 544 705

Wuppermann Metalltechnik GmbH

Großalmstraße 7
A-4813 Altmünster

Herbert Grill

Phone +43 (0) 699 18 555 780

Wuppermann Polska sp. z o.o.

Ul. Fabryczna 3
PL-67-320 Malomice

Konrad Waszak 

Phone +48 (0) 68 3780 - 101

Wuppermann Staal Nederland B.V. 

Vlasweg 15
Havenno. 156-174
NL-4782 PW Moerdijk

Terry Flokstra 

Phone +31 (0) 168 357 139

Wuppermann AG

Ottostraße 5
D-51381 Leverkusen

Alexandra Jakobs

Phone +49 (0) 2171 5000-800