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Please note that Wuppermann Group sold all three pure sheet metal working sites as well as the facility for intralogistics and the Wuppermann Rohrtechnik GmbH with effect of 1.1.2018. Details of the sale can be found here.

Perforated Tubes


With our extensive range of machinery, we have the capability to turn perfectly formed tubes into a vast array of customized products. We are pioneers in the field of punching technology and continue to develop our processes all the time. As a result, we boast high operating efficiency thanks to optimized processes, enormous versatility thanks to our own specialized toolmaking expertise, and extreme precision thanks to innovative production methods.

Precision is also a priority in the field of pressing and bending, not least because products made of stainless steel increasingly need to fulfil not merely functional demands but also aesthetic considerations. Today, our ready-to-install tubes and profiles are used not only in the shopfitting and furniture industries but also as design elements in architecture.

Our five-axis laser machines have brought decisive improvements in precision, production flexibility, and operating efficiency. As a result, unit costs have fallen substantially compared with conventional production methods. This technology is therefore playing an increasingly important role in the production of ready-to-install tubes and profiles. At the same time, it creates new and unusual product and design possibilities — combined, once again, with high operating efficiency. Even at the pilot-series stage, highly complicated tube processing activities can be run at low cost.