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Please note that Wuppermann Group sold all three pure sheet metal working sites as well as the facility for intralogistics and the Wuppermann Rohrtechnik GmbH with effect of 1.1.2018. Details of the sale can be found here.


For Employees and the Group

At Wuppermann, we like to concentrate on high-specification solutions. That means combining top quality with high efficiency. This in turn demands a dedicated and well-trained workforce: employees who know their trade and are able to work with a high degree of independence. The company therefore places a top priority on providing a sound programme of training and further development for its workforce.

The prime aim of all training measures is to ensure a thorough provision of the appropriate knowledge and skills. In addition, we attach great importance to careful supervision and to ensuring that trainees are properly integrated in the production environment. The qualifications thereby obtained are designed to enable trainees to rapidly assume responsibility in their sphere of activity. Moreover, they are widely recognized beyond the Wuppermann Group.

Further-training measures focus on widening employees' individual skills and therefore support their personal advancement. As acknowledged specialists in fast-moving markets, the companies of the Wuppermann Group have ambitious goals. With an eye to achieving these objectives, our programme of further training aims to hone existing skills and enable employees to develop their full potential.