Carreer opportunities at Wuppermann


On this page we advertise job vacancies within the Wuppermann Group. If you are interested, please get in touch with the relevant contact person. Any general queries regarding job applications at Wuppermann should be addressed to Carmen Neu.

As a member of the Fair Company initiative, Wuppermann undertakes to promote the career prospects of new recruits through adherence to five clearly defined rules. The companies of the Wuppermann Group pledge

  • not to replace full-time employees with interns, volunteers, or permanently employed casual labour
  • not to fob off graduates who have applied for a full-time job with the offer of an internship
  • not to lure interns with the vague promise of a full-time job
  • to offer internships primarily with a view to providing career orientation during the training period
  • to provide interns with adequate remuneration