Cold Re-Rolled & Edge Dressed

Strip steel to customer specifications - thanks to our cold rolling stands and rounding lines, we have numerous options for tailoring our pickled and galvanized strip steel precisely to the customer's respective requirements.

Whether dimensional accuracy, strength, surface type or edge structure: the customer sets the priorities and we focus on quality.

Which surface types are offered?

During re-rolling, the pickled or galvanized steel strip is either dressed or leveled.

Dressing determines the surface roughness of the steel. Depending on the choice of roller structure, the appearance of the re-rolled steel strip ranges from rough (Ra max. 2.5 µm) to particularly smooth (Ra max. 0.5 µm). Surface types B and C according to DIN EN 10346, as improved and best surfaces, are also the result of this skin pass with constant rolling pressure. Finish B is particularly suitable for subsequent organic coatings. These adhere excellently to the somewhat rougher surface.

When leveling the surface, a higher rolling force is applied. This results in a rolling degree of the strip thickness of up to 10% and the closest dimensional tolerances of the same. The surface roughness of the rotating steel rolls through which the pickled or galvanized steel strip is passed virtually defines the rough or smooth finish of the strip surfaces and thus also the matte or glossy appearance. Leveled surfaces allow, for example, drawer slides in the furniture industry to run very quietly and smoothly.

How does the rounding off of slit strip work?

Rounding refers to the cut edges of hot-dip galvanized slit strip. The term rounded edge is used for the rounding process. The galvanized steel strip is first slit lengthwise. After that the cut edges of all slit strips are simultaneously rounded with a special tool. Similarly, the zinc or zinc-magnesium coating is rounded. In this way, the corrosion protection can be extended beyond the edges and the so-called cathodic edge protection can be reinforced or, in the case of thicker slit strips, effected.

We offer the rounded edge in 3 versions. Please contact us for more information.

What is the customer benefit of rounded edges?

When slitting wide strip, cut edges with burrs occur on the longitudinal edges of the individual strips.

Rounded edges look more attractive on visible parts and make it easier to assemble individual parts quickly and accurately into an assembly. Burr-free workpieces can be handled better and thus processed more efficiently. In general, sharp-edged slit strips pose a risk of injury, which can be significantly reduced by rounding.

The edges of pre-galvanized, rounded steel strip are better protected against corrosion because the protective zinc is also drawn over the edge during forming. The protective effect of a subsequent organic coating is also higher because it adheres much better in the edge area.

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