Slit strip with galvanized longitudinal edges

From widths of 58 mm to 410 mm, we also offer our hot-dip galvanized slit strip with strip-galvanized longitudinal edges. This means that the steel strip receives all-round corrosion protection and, in combination with very high zinc coatings of up to 1,200 g/m² (Z1200) or zinc-magnesium of up to 1,000 g/m² (ZM1000), is suitable for the most adverse environments.

Usually, "hot-dip galvanized slit strip" with widths up to 600 mm has no galvanized longitudinal edges, as it is produced according to EN 10346 by slitting ("splitting") continuously hot-dip coated wide strip. However, a special process technology from Wuppermann enables maximum corrosion protection even with galvanized slit strip. Hot-rolled wide strip is first longitudinally slit and the bright slit strip in widths of 58 to 410 mm is then continuously galvanized. This enables us to offer steel strip with longitudinally galvanized edges as a real alternative to dip galvanized.

These slit strips are used, among other things, as pile-driven posts, e.g. for photovoltaic systems in the ground, and are enormously corrosion-resistant. Slit strips with galvanized longitudinal edges are available from Wuppermann as galvanized tubes and profiles.

WProtect: The coating system with a zinc layer and a high-performance film

A high-performance film is additionally applied to the hot-dip coated steel strip with strip widths from 600 mm. The steel core is thus even better protected against corrosion and offers reliable and long-term protection for the finished product.

A polyolefin film is laminated onto both sides of the steel strip immediately after galvanizing. The process-optimised interaction of temperature and pressure during production ensures a strong bond between the film and the galvanized strip.

"WProtect" defies practically all corrosion attacks. Neither moisture, mechanical abrasion nor numerous chemicals can harm this coating system. Decades of undamaged use, for example in sewage technology, prove this optimal corrosion resistance of processed steel.

Film-Coated, Hot-Rolled Strip - WProtect
Strip thicknesses 1,50 - 4,00 mm (> 4,00 mm upon request) according to EN 10143
Strip widths 100 - 855 mm (< 100 mm upon request) according to EN 10143
Film thickness 0,30 mm
Film color black or grey (other colors upon request)
Zinc coating masses 100 - 800 g/m2
Steel grades see Hot-Dip Galvanized Strip

What is corrosion?

Corrosion refers to the surface change or destruction of a metal. This is caused by a chemical reaction of a moist steel surface with the oxygen from its ambient air. The material oxidises and forms rust.

Why protect against corrosion?

Steel structures with a high duration of protection against corrosion are more economical and sustainable than those without or with low-quality corrosion protection. Components or structures made of steel that are qualitatively protected against corrosion can remain in use longer, are safer and require less maintenance. In addition, the longer service life reduces the consumption of resources and thus has a protective effect on the environment.

How is steel protected against corrosion?

There are different solutions to protect steel from corrosion. Compared to other corrosion protection systems, e.g. the organic-based ones, hot-dip galvanizing is technically and ecologically more advantageous. This is why this metallic coating technique is of the greatest importance. Wuppermann produces hot-dip coated steel strip using the heat-to-coat process, a continuous manufacturing process with particularly low CO2 emissions. The product variations with longitudinally galvanized edges or additional foil coating ensure even better corrosion resistance of the finished parts.

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