Wuppermann's newest and most modern site for flat products

The newest and most modern Wuppermann site for flat products started its production in 2016. A high-tech combined pickling and hot-dip galvanizing line with a processing capacity of 500,000 tonnes of steel per year is the heart of the site.

Today, Wuppermann Hungary produces flat products from hot-rolled strip steel by pickling, galvanizing, slitting and cold re-rolling. The plant also specialises in particular in products with high corrosion protection. In addition to hot-dip galvanized strip steel with a zinc or zinc-magnesium coating on both sides, Wuppermann Hungary also produces galvanized hot-rolled strip with high-performance foil, our so-called WProtect. We have customers for our flat products from Hungary in numerous industries, including the fittings, automotive, constructionand silo industries.

At the end of 2021, the Hungarian site installed a photovoltaic system on the roofs oft he production hall, which will save the plant around 775 tonnes of CO2 annually. Construction work for a new R&D competence centre also started at the beginning of 2022. Today, Wuppermann Hungary employs over 180 people.

This is how much CO2 you save with our strip galvanizing line in Gönyű!

CO2 Saving*

0 t

*Corresponds to the CO2 equivalent of:

0 Trees as CO2 storage
0 Driven car kilometers
0 Persons (annual per capita emission)

Product portfolio

  • Flat products made from hot-rolled strip steel by pickling, galvanizing, slitting and cold re-rolling
  • Innovative Wuppermann products with zinc-magnesium coatings, e.g. hot-dip galvanized steel strip with a zinc or zinc-magnesium coating on both sides with layer thicknesses of 50 g/m² to 1,000 g/m²
  • WProtect foil-coated strip
  • Surface post-treatment by skin pass, levelling and reducing
  • Additional corrosion protection by film coating, passivation and/or electrostatic oiling
Zinc Z50 - Z1000

Thickness 1,50 - 6,00 mm
Width 600 - 1.650 mm

Steel grades
Steels for cold forming and deep drawing (EN 10346) DX51D+Z;   DX52D+Z
Structural steels (EN 10346) S220GD+Z;   S250GD+Z;  S280GD+Z;  S320GD+Z;   S350GD+Z;  S390GD+Z
High-strength and low-alloy steels (EN 10346) HX300LAD+Z;   HX340LAD+Z;  HX380LAD+Z;  HX420LAD+Z;  HX460LAD+Z;  HX500LAD+Z

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