New bundling line and new infeed increase output and improve occupational safety at Wuppermann in Poland

Wuppermann has installed a new bundling line at the Polish tube production site at the end of 2022 with an investment of 770,000 euros. The new plant has been producing with increased efficiency since the beginning of the year. Thanks to automatic packing, the production speed - depending on size and cross-section - could be increased by 5 to 10 %. In addition, the plant can now be operated with only one employee, who ensures the proper operation of the machine. Previously, the tubes were packed manually by two employees. This work was, on the one hand, physically very strenuous and, on the other hand, posed a great risk of accidents. The personnel resources that were freed up are now used in the area of prefabrication.

At the beginning of February 2023, the new intake at tube line 1 was installed. A lack of spare parts, an outdated safety system and frequent malfunctions made it necessary to replace the intake. As part of the investment of 790,000 euros, the unwinder, the longitudinal seam welding system and the coil accumulator were replaced by systems that meet the current state of the art and, above all, the requirements of occupational safety. The coil accumulator was equipped with a soundproof cabin from the very beginning in order to reduce production noise and dust generation due to scale. The new automated system eliminates the need to manually pull the strip from the accumulator to the welding machine and manually grind the welds.

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