Wherever narrow tolerances are required, Wuppermann is an experienced and reliable partner. Whether for passenger cars, agricultural machinery, off-road vehicles, cranes, or rail vehicles, our assemblies and tube and sheet-metal components meet the highest specifications. Our wide range of production methods and our comprehensive know-how in steel processing and component development ensure smooth cooperation and therefore cost-effective solutions for the customer.

Individual solutions

Apart from cost-effectiveness, what vehicle manufacturers want most of all is flexibility at the development stage and absolute reliability of supply. That's why we focus totally on our customers' needs: in the selection of source material, at the development stage and also during further optimization until the supply chain is running like clockwork.

Naturally, as a supplier of high-grade flat steel, we also provide our customers from vehicle construction with a wide range of steel strip products to a host of specifications.

Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Axles
  • Attachments and accessories
  • Containers
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Crane jibs
  • Parts for large cranes
  • Coupling connections
  • Premium tube products for vehicle components and structural body parts
  • Containers for agricultural machinery
  • Tilling shafts for snow groomers
  • Complete chassis frames for car transporters
  • Punched car parts made of galvanized strip steel