What pre-material does Wuppermann produce for the automotive industry?

Wuppermann supplies galvanized and pickled slit strip made of steel grades with a high yield strength for subsequent cold forming. These are micro-alloyed steels with strip thicknesses between 2 and 5 mm. To achieve the narrowest strip thickness tolerances, the surface of the strip steel is leveled.

Wuppermann's industry-specific premium tubes are characterized by the narrowest dimensional tolerances in diameter, wall thickness and internal weld scraping. Precise processing techniques, e.g. machining of tube ends, bending, cutting, piercing, embossing, brushing, polishing or surface finishing, complete the customer-oriented range of services.

What end products are made from slit strip and tubes?

Our steel strip is used in various end products. These include above all belt restraints, seat rails, various transmission parts and electric motor housings. Hot-dip galvanized steel strip is also found in the trailer body of commercial vehicles.

The dimensionally accurate tubes are used, for example, for dashboard supports (cross car beams) or installed as struts and hull tubes.

What makes Wuppermann a strong partner of the automotive and vehicle industry?

The production steps in the automotive industry are highly automated. As a result, the requirements for the input material are very high. Wuppermann supplies you with slit strip and tubes with the narrowest dimensional accuracy, constant mechanical properties and optimum forming characteristics.

We always ensure that our customers' security of supply is guaranteed.

Sustainability is also a key issue in the automotive industry. Our steel strip galvanized using the heat-to-coat process has lower emissions than steel galvanized using the conventional cold-rolled galvanizing process. Read the results on our sustainability study here and use our CO2 calculator to calculate how much emissions you save with galvanized steel from Wuppermann.

Which requirements does Wuppermann meet?

Wuppermann Staa Nederland B.V. in Moerdijk, the Netherlands, is certified according to the demanding IATF-Audit. This means that Wuppermann meets the requirements for the production and quality of sophisticated preliminary products for the automotive industry.

We have very high process accuracy and stability in the individual processing steps of the entire value chain at all our production sites. Our extensive quality assurance measures, which also include the documentation of our processes, guarantee consistently high quality and optimum processing.

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