The requirements for buildings and structures are often high: usability, aesthetics, cost-effectiveness and sustainability. Wuppermann supports the construction industry in meeting these requirements. This is achieved through a high degree of flexibility in terms of deadlines and required quantities, as well as a zero-defect strategy with high repetition accuracy of our products

What end products are made from Wuppermann products for the construction industry?

There are many applications for Wuppermann products in the construction industry. For example, purlins in hall construction are particularly frequently made from the corrosion-protected steel, and components for scaffolding or ceiling support tubes in building construction are produced from the steel tubes.

The secondary structure in hall construction consists of the so-called roof purlins, wall ledgers and framing. These components, in the form of Z, L, C and U profiles, are made from galvanized slit strip by cold forming. Structures made of high-strength structural steels in wall thicknesses from 1.50 to 6.00 mm and with high-performance corrosion protection from Wuppermann, allow lighter construction concepts or larger hall spans, accompanied by advantages in transport and assembly. These are the optimum prerequisites for reliable, durable and thus economical construction.

Our black tubes meet all the requirements of structural scaffolding and are characterized by their proven quality. Characteristic of this is a particularly high level of repeatability in our production. Black tube, a Wuppermann preliminary product, is valued and recognized by all major scaffolding manufacturers in Europe. The props, struts and anchor components made from it always play a literally supporting role, both in simple and complex scaffolding systems.

In building construction, the slab props are primarily used to support slab formwork. The full galvanization of all tube surfaces ensures their long service life. For this purpose, Wuppermann offers black tubes, which are subsequently batch galvanized, or pre-galvanized tubes, which are manufactured from galvanized slit strip. Wuppermann's differential galvanizing, at a ratio of 2:1, is the best way to meet product-specific and economic requirements. The protective zinc layer on the more heavily loaded outside of the tube is twice as thick as on the inside. This means that even tough everyday conditions on the construction site cannot harm the firmly adhering pre-galvanized coating.

How sustainable are Wuppermann products for the construction industry?

In tenders for construction projects, ecological decision-making criteria are gaining relevance alongside economic ones. To meet these requirements and our social responsibility, Wuppermann has set ambitious climate protection targets: The production process of the Wuppermann Group, will be 100% CO2 neutral at all sites by 2025. But even today, Wuppermann has a competitive advantage, since a study conducted with the Fraunhofer UMSICHT Institute showed that the heat-to-coat galvanizing processes including post-treatment at the Moerdijk site (NL) with 0.126 kg CO2 equivalents per kg (CO2-eq. / kg) cause 31% lower CO2 emissions than the market standard process with 0.183 kg CO2-eq. / kg, and at the Judenburg site (AT) with 0.105 kg CO2-eq. / kg, 43% lower. Read more here.

What are the advantages of steel structures over concrete structures?

The system construction of steel structures allows a shorter production time. Compared to the formwork effort and curing time of concrete, steel buildings can also be erected faster on site. Modular, steel solutions can be expanded flexibly and cost-effectively. In the overall view, i.e. from production to dismantling, the "steel concept" is in any case the more economical alternative. After all, metal can be easily separated from other materials, is 100% recyclable and energy-efficient in production. This makes this material more sustainable than concrete.

Reference products from Wuppermann from galvanized steel strip and galvanized tubes:

  • Sprinkler tubes
  • Galvanized steel strip for high-rack constructions
  • Galvanized steel strip for load-bearing elements in industrial halls (Z-, C-, and Σ-purlins)
  • Galvanized strip for roof steps and snow guards
  • Galvanized tubes for scaffolding and ceiling props
  • Profiles for guide rails
  • Slotted, all-round galvanized steel strip for mounting rails and cast-in channels
  • Galvanized strip for wood connectors and construction hardware
  • Galvanized strip for doors and gates

Tube and sheet-metal components:

  • Components for elevators
  • Ventilation components
  • Fixing and mounting systems
  • Radiators
  • Scaffolding

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