Galvanized Tubes & Profiles up to Z1200 / ZM1000

Highest corrosion protection with lowest CO2 emissions - this applies to Wuppermann's galvanized steel pipes and steel profiles, with highest zinc coatings and zinc-magnesium coatings. The key to high-quality galvanized steel pipes and profiles lies in the starting material as well as in the forming process. In order to be able to guarantee the optimum starting material, even with the highest zinc coatings, Wuppermann relies on its own strip galvanizing lines. The roll forming process itself has been successively optimized with decades of experience. This allows product specifications to be met that go far beyond the requirements of valid standards, so that special geometries and the tightest tolerances can be produced. Our galvanized tubes and profiles are used in scaffolding, traffic engineering, solar technology, fencing technology and agricultural technology.

What are the features of our galvanized tubes and profiles?

Thanks to its own strip galvanizing process, Wuppermann manufactures galvanized tubes and profiles with very tight tolerances and customer-specific zinc coatings, differential galvanizing or galvanized internal weld seams on customer request. With its heat-to-coat strip galvanizing process, Wuppermann achieves uniquely high zinc or zinc-magnesium coatings and thus outstanding corrosion protection. Compared to piece galvanizing, strip galvanizing not only has an economic advantage, but equally a sustainable process advantage.

What are the advantages of galvanized tubes and profiles from Wuppermann?

  • Highest corrosion protection with lowest CO2 emissions
  • Zinc coatings up to Z1200 (equivalent to 1200 g/m²)
  • Zinc-magnesium overlays up to ZM1000 (equivalent to 1000 g/m²)
  • Galvanized punched holes
  • Flexible hole pattern for perforated steel profiles
  • Differential galvanizing in the ratio 2:1
  • Galvanized tubes with thin walls
  • Galvanized tubes with galvanized internal welding seam
  • Customized profiles according to customer drawings
  • Wall thickness tolerances up to +/- 0.04 mm
  • Free choice of weld seam layer

At Wuppermann, we put high-quality starting material into the right shape. Thanks to our state-of-the-art machinery and the know-how of our employees, we can implement a wide range of solutions and ensure the highest quality through our own testing. In addition to continuous inline tube measurement, we also have an inline eddy current test and our own pressure test up to 150 bar.

What geometries of galvanized steel tubes and profiles are available?

  • Square tubes
  • Triangular tubes
  • Round tubes
  • Elliptical tubes
  • Oval tubes
  • C-profiles
  • U-profiles
  • Hat profiles
  • Angle profiles

In addition, we specialize in the production of individual profiles according to customer drawings in a wide range of cross-sections and wall thicknesses with the narrowest thickness tolerances.

Details and quality-relevant key data

Round tube Ø 30 - 115 mm
Rectangular tube 10 x 40 - 40 x 140 mm
Square tube 25 x 25 - 90 x 90 mm
Angle-, Omega-, Z-, C-, U-profiles, open-seam tubes, special shaped tubes
Tube lengths 50 - 15.000 mm
Wall thickness 1,00 - 4,00 mm

Quality data
All common tube standards according to DIN, EN and ASTM
Certificate of compliance with EN 10204 3.1
Primary material from our own strip galvanizing line
Zinc coating (each side) 7 - 80 µm (50 - 550 g/m²)
Optimal zinc adhension (Wuppermann process)
Inline eddy-current testing
Continuous inline tube measurement
Strip thickness tolerances to +/- 0,03 mm
Fully optional weld-seam position
Imperial formats 1“ bis 4“
In-house pressure testing up to 150 bar

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