Steel strip galvanized or stained

Business Unit Flat unites the flat products of the Wuppermann Group

At Wuppermann, high-quality steel strip is the basis for a wide range of quality products. Customers from all over Europe use our high-quality broadband and slit band for a wide variety of applications. Steel strips from Wuppermann can be found in products from the vehicle, construction and furniture industries as well as in solar and energy technology and in the area of vehicle restraint systems. Wuppermann continues to supply profilers and steel service centers. Our flat products are also used in our own production of tubes, profiles and sheet metal components.

The steel strip is brought into the appropriate shape in the pickling, galvanizing, re-rolling and slitting steps. The result of these processing processes is a raw material that can be further processed according to the individual wishes of the customers. Customers appreciate the quality of the product and the reliability of Wuppermann.
This can only be achieved through the most modern production facilities, highly qualified employees and constant further development. In particular, research in the area of corrosion protection of steel has been expanded in recent years, so that Wuppermann is considered an expert on the market.

Wuppermann currently produces flat products in Hungary and in the Netherlands.

The Flat business unit includes the following companies:

Production and Logistics
Nederland Logistic Services B.V.
Wuppermann Hungary Logistic Services Kft.

Wuppermann Stahl GmbH
Wuppermann Otel România S.R.L.
Wuppermann Tube and Steel AB
Wuppermann France S.A.S.

Technology and Licensing
Wuppermann Engineering GmbH
Wuppermann Staba GmbH
Wuppermann Technologies C. V.



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