Wuppermann Engineering GmbH

Research & Development in the Wuppermann Group

The research and development skills of the flat products business unit are bundled in Wuppermann Engineering GmbH, founded in 1997 in Judenburg, Austria. The main tasks of the R&D department at Wuppermann include project management for the layout planning of new plants, the development of new products, product properties and processes as well as the optimal networking of various manufacturing processes and services.
The core competencies of Wuppermann employees in research and development lie in the areas of metallurgy, corrosion technology and in-house product development. In particular, research in the field of corrosion protection of steel has been expanded in recent years, so that Wuppermann is considered an expert on the market.

Another important focus is the formation of networks and cooperations, for example with the Montanuniversiät Leoben in Austria.

The R&D laboratories of the steel processor from Leverkusen, Germany, are equipped with scanning electron microscopes for microanalysis and simulators. The laboratory staff check and process standardized and special corrosion, material properties and in metallography.

The R&D team works closely with Wuppermann's flat production sites in the Netherlands, Hungary and Austria.



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