Tubes and bent parts for the energy turnaround

Wuppermann supplies complex tube and part components for all-electric municipal vehicles from Austrian start-up MUP. MORE

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CO2 calculator from Wuppermann determines savings in strip galvanizing. MORE

Wuppermann Staal Nederland installs energy efficient compressor/dryer to save 240,000 kWh p.a.

Wuppermann Staal Nederland has successfully completed the erection and start-up of a new compressor/dryer combi to secure the plant’s compressed air requirement for the next decade. The new compressor/dryer has been manufactured and installed by Kaeser Kompressoren and combines improved reliability with an annual power saving of 10% or 240,000 kWh, equivalent to the power consumption of 85 households. MORE

Wuppermann cancels participation in Tube 2020

Leverkusen, Germany, 29.09.2020 - Wuppermann will not participate in Tube 2020. Due to the corona pandemic, the international tube trade fair in Düsseldorf has already been postponed from spring to December 7-11, 2020. The responsible persons at Wuppermann do not see any possibility of exhibiting at a trade fair in December under the given conditions. The health and safety of all those involved had top priority in this decision. MORE

Wuppermann’s galvanising process saves 31 % CO2

Leverkusen, Germany, 02.09.2020 – Wuppermann Group has commissioned the renowned Fraunhofer Institute for Environmental, Safety and Energy Technology (UMSICHT) to investigate the environmental impact of the Wuppermann Group's Heat-to-Coat strip galvanising process and to compare it with the conventional cold strip galvanising process. The Fraunhofer Institute prepared a life cycle assessment according to DIN EN ISO 14040 and evaluated the environmental effects as climate impact in kg CO2 equivalents per kg hot-dip galvanised steel strip (kg CO2-eq./kg). The result: Where the areas of application for galvanised hot strip and galvanised cold strip overlap, i.e. where it is technically possible to use both cold-rolled and hot-rolled steel for an application, the CO2 balance shows an advantage of the Wuppermann process. MORE

Wuppermann Hungary completes construction for further performance improvement

Further upgrading of the plant in Györ, which has been operational since 2016, was completed on schedule in August. With an investment budget of €2.5 million, an additional increase in performance of the modern strip galvanizing line was achieved. Due to extension of the air and water cooling system, the transformer and the induction unit, the speed and capacity of the plant can be increased significantly. Thus, a galvanizing capacity of >750,000 tons  per year is now available. The upgrade also brings significant improvements in productivity and quality. By modifying the plant, the product range of Wuppermann Hungary can now also be further developed. The focus here is on the further expansion of the portfolio of zinc-magnesium coated products, as well as the extension of the high zinc coating requirements. In addition, Wuppermann Hungary can now also include other specialty grades in its product range. MORE

Wuppermann Hungary Kft. starts up fully automatic packaging line for slit strips

In May 2020, Wuppermann in Hungary started up a fully automatic packaging line for slit strips. The new system corresponds to the latest state of the art: Maximum production output, careful handling of the slit strip and easy operation are the result of careful planning of the layout of the packaging system for slit strips at the outlet of the slitting line. An integrated sorting and stacking management enables a wide variety of packaging options for the slit. At the same time, the modular structure ensures perfect integration. With the new system, Wuppermann offers its customers the highest quality and variety of packaging options with gentle treatment.       MORE

Retirement of Peter Jongenburger

Leverkusen, April 15, 2020 – Dr. C. Peter Jongenburger will retire on May 16, 2020, the date of this year's Annual Shareholders’ Meeting of Wuppermann AG. The Supervisory Board has complied with Dr. Jongenburger's request to leave the company for reasons of age. Since 01.01.2008, Dr. Jongenburger accompanied the Wuppermann Group as a member of the Executive Board. In his position on the Executive Board, he was responsible for the production Flat & Tube and Research & Development. As managing director, he particularly shaped the successful development of Wuppermann Staal Nederland B.V. (WSN). In the 12 years he worked for Wuppermann AG, the hot-dip galvanizing capacity for steel strip was increased from 900 kt to 1,300 kt. A major investment with a further increase in capacity at the Hungarian plant is currently being implemented. In addition, the tube welding capacity has been almost doubled.MORE