Wuppermann site in Hungary starts operations

Leverkusen / Hanover, 25 October 2016 – While this year’s EuroBLECH begins in Hanover, production of pickled hot-rolled strip is starting up at Wuppermann Hungary Kft., the new Wuppermann site for flat products in Hungary. The construction at the harbour of Győr-Gönyű represents the largest investment in the more than 140-year history of this family-owned company, which has now created a state-of-the-art production site with pickling and hot galvanizing facilities and with the capacity for processing 500,000 tons of steel per year.

“We put all of our experience into the construction of this factory and particularly into the development of the line of pickled and hot galvanized hot-rolled strip. The result is unrivalled in Europe,” reported Carl Swoboda, Head of Sales for the Business Unit Flat & Tube Products. “The testing phase and the start of operations with the first pickled material in Hungary begins at the same time like EuroBLECH. At the end of November operations will start for the first galvanized strip.”

The “first coil” was already produced in a test run of the new slitting line in Hungary at the end of August. “We’ve successfully tested the processing of the first slit strip to ensure the future supply to the Wuppermann sites in Judenburg and Altmünster (Austria), so there are no obstacles for the first test run of operations,” said Mario Dorfer, one of the two managing directors at the site in Hungary.

At the beginning of 2017 the production of the film-coated hot-rolled strip “WProtect” will start in Hungary. This is steel strip protected with a layer of zinc and an additional high-performing protective film fused on to it. This polyolefin film gets applied on both sides directly after the galvanizing process.

“This sounds simple, but it is in fact a highly complex process: in combination with the temperature of the steel strip, the pressure of the roller ensures an optimal chemical and mechanical bond between the film and the galvanized steel,” said Dorfer. “WProtect is proof against practically any form of corrosion and effortlessly withstands the effects of moisture, abrasion, and an array of chemicals. Decades of enduring service in, for example, the field of wastewater engineering document its supreme resistance to corrosion.”

At the moment Wuppermann Hungary employs more than 100 people. During full operations around 200 employees should be active at the site in Hungary.

Four production and logistics halls with a total area of around 32,000 m² have been built on the 100,000 m² property. With the construction of the production facilities the team on site can look back on some quite imposing figures:

  • Removal of around 400,000 m3 of rubble. This corresponds to about 36,000 dump-trucks.
  • Processing of 14,000 m3 of cement. This corresponds to roughly 400 single-family homes.
  • Use of 7,000 tons of steel. This amount could build the BayArena in Leverkusen about 2.5 times over.
  • The galvanizing line weighs 3,200 tons. This corresponds to 1,600 Audi Q7s.

The official opening of the site is expected in September 2017.