Wuppermann Staal Nederland is working towards responsible metals supply

Moerdijk, Netherlands, 1 August 2019 – Wuppermann is proud to inform all our business that we are actively working with several organisations to promote international responsible business conduct and address severe negative impact to people and the environment connected to the metals supply chains which we would otherwise not be able to tackle on our own. This multi-stakeholder collaboration is through the International Responsible Business Conduct Agreement for the Metals Sector, and also enables us to contribute to realising the UN Sustainable Development Goals as well. The other participants in the collaboration include companies, the government, industry associations, NGOs and trade unions.

Reasons why Wuppermann Staal Nederland signed the Agreement:

Metals are essential for the production of many goods and technologies and are crucial for the low-carbon transition. The implementation of the Agreement will be devoted towards:

  • providing companies with the necessary knowledge, instruments and other resources tools to be able understand and/or address potential risks in their supply chains (from extraction to recycling),
  • identifying and addressing potential risks linked to the secondary materials (metal scrap) supply chains, and

We call on all our stakeholders to support and join our effort in working towards responsible metals supply chains.