Corrosion protection for steel all-around

Galvanizing is good - all-round corrosion protection for steel is better

For even better corrosion protection: edge galvanizing & film coating. We offer already from widths of 58 mm to 435 mm our hot-dip galvanized slit strip also with strip galvanized longitudinal edges. This means that the steel strip is given all-round corrosion protection and, in combination with zinc coatings up to 1,200 g/m² (Z1200) or zinc-magnesium up to 1,000 g/m² (ZM1000), is suitable for the most adverse environments.

In practice: These slit strips are inserted into the ground, among other things, as ram posts for photovoltaic systems and are more corrosion-resistant than piece-galvanized material. The slit strip with a galvanized longitudinal edge is also available as a shaped profile from Wuppermann.

Our film-coated strip "WProtect" goes one step further: strip steel, corrosion protected with a zinc layer and an additionally melted high-performance film. The polyolefin film is applied on both sides directly after the galvanizing process.

What sounds so simple is in reality a very complex process in which an optimum combination of strip temperature and contact pressure results in an excellent chemical and mechanical bond between film and galvanized steel strip.

"WProtect" defies practically all corrosion attacks: Neither moisture, mechanical abrasion nor numerous chemicals can harm the material. Decades of undamaged use, for example in waste water technology, prove this optimum corrosion resistance of processed steel.

Details can be found in the fold-out table:

Film-coated, hot-rolled strip - WProtect

Strip thicknesses1,50 - 4,00 mm (> 4,00 mm upon request) according to EN 10143
Strip widths100 - 855 mm (< 100 mm upon request) according to EN 10143
Film thickness0,30 mm
Film colorblack or grey (other colors upon request)
Zinc coating masses100 - 800 g/m2
Steel grades see Hot-Dip Galvanized Strip


What is corrosion?

Corrosion generally means the reaction of a material to its external conditions, which causes a measurable change in it. This change leads to an impairment of the material in its function. For steel, corrosion means decomposition by rust.

Why protect against corrosion?

Corrosion protection = environmental protection: The more corrosion resistant the steel is - and thus the longer it lasts - the less steel has to be produced and CO2 can be saved. Therefore, environmental protection and sustainability play an important role in corrosion protection.
Corrosion protection = safety: In our everyday life rust has become almost invisible, but corrosion will remain one of the major global problems in the 21st century. Affected by the decomposing chemical processes are steel structures such as bridges or supporting structures, but also industrial plants and power stations, railway tracks, pipelines, vehicles and machines. In order to be able to guarantee our customers high-quality, long-lasting and safe products, it is of particular importance to adequately protect steel from corrosion.

How is steel protected against corrosion?

Measures must be taken to protect steel from corrosion. At Wuppermann there are the possibilities of galvanizing and additional film coating, as with WProtect, to ensure all-round protection. Film coating is a complete protection of the galvanized steel strip with galvanized edge.