Cold rolling & edge rounding

Further production steps for the surface types and edge structure

Customized steel strip - thanks to our cold rolling stands and edge rounding lines, we have a wide range of options for adapting our steel strip exactly to the customer's requirements. On request, we carry out various processing steps, depending on the specification, to achieve defined surfaces, strengths and/or dimensional tolerances.

Whether dimensional accuracy, strength, surface type or edge structure: the customer sets the priorities and we focus on quality.

Which surface types are offered?

During re-rolling, the surface of the steel can be either skin passed or cold rerolled.

The roughness of the steel is determined by the skin passing process. The result is a more matte surface, which corresponds to the surface type MB in our delivery program. The rough surface of the steel is very suitable for subsequent coating of the surface because the coating material can adhere better to the steel.

When cold rerolling the surface, more force is applied during the surface treatment. The steel strip surface can be produced deliberately rough or smooth. Smooth surfaces give the zinc or zinc-magnesium coating its typical gloss. The smooth surfaces and the tight thickness tolerances for hot-rolled strip resulting from cold rerolling are mainly used for products in the furniture industry. Leveled surfaces allow, for example, drawer runners to run very smoothly.

How are rounded edges of slit strip done?

Rounding refers to the cut edges of hot-dip galvanized slit strip. The term rounded edge is used for the rounding process. The galvanized steel strip is first slit lengthwise. After that the cut edges of all slit strips are simultaneously rounded with a special tool. Similarly, the zinc or zinc-magnesium coating is rounded. In this way, the corrosion protection can be extended beyond the edges and the so-called cathodic edge protection can be reinforced or, in the case of thicker slit strips, effected.

We offer the rounded edge in 3 versions. Please contact us for more information.

What is the customer benefit of rounded edges?

An unrounded slit strip may show burrs. Burrs are sharp edges, grain and also splinters, which are produced at the edge of steel during the cutting process.

The rounding promotes a precisely fitting and efficient further processing. Rounded slit strips without burrs can be clamped into tools more easily. Surface treatment is more efficient. It can be carried out more optimally on rounded edges and coatings such as paint adhere much better.

From a safety perspective, burrs represent a risk of injury when handling the material in subsequent processing steps and can lead to cuts during further processing. Rounded slit strips do not have this risk of injury - on the contrary: they protect against it.