Sprinkler pipes

The new standard of sprinkler pipes

WGalweld 5 and 7 pipes made of continuous galvanized hot rolled strip according to EN 10346 boast an exceptionally adhesive zinc coating and formability. Our pipes are the material of choice for severe requirements and heavy duties. Unique in terms of both, technology and economic efficiency, the production process creates high-spec steel tubes with an exceptional degree of corrosion protection. A thermally applied metallic inline-coating ensures that the inside weld and the smoothly planed outside weld are particularly resistant to corrosion.

This ensures considerably more safety, especially in closed, fluid-carrying pipe systems. Roll-grooved WGalweld pipes are light weight but high-strength designed and thus, very cost-effective, optimally replacing conventional, heavy threaded pipes.

WGalweld 5E and 7E are economically and ecologically sustainable models with different zinc layers on the outer and inner surface.

WFlow 5 and WLight 7, the uncoated styles with pickled surface (especially designed for wet systems), complete our portfolio.

Wuppermann´s innovative sprinkler pipes are tested and certified according to FM, UL and cUL.

Customer benefits:

  • Smooth and homogeneous surfaces, inside and outside
    • ensure a safe and tight seat of rubber gasketed fittings on the pipe
    • make an organic coating finish cheaper
    • decrease the hydraulic pressure loss
  • Optimized wall gauges effect a cost-efficient piping and easy mounting
  • Larger inner diameter due to optimized wall gauges and best C-values make downsizing of the pipes and various system components possible (C-values are subject to regulatory approval)

Special features of WGalweld:

  • Made of Wuppermann’s continuous pre-galvanized flat strip according to EN 10346
  • No flaking of zinc coating even in cases of subsequent roll-grooving on site. Corrosion protection is fully maintained.
  • Corrosion resistant weld seam, inside and outside

Our sprinkler pipes on the test bench:

  • Certified according to ISO 9001:2015 and ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-3
  • Pipe standards: EN 10217-1 / ASTM A 135 / ASTM A 795 
  • Galvanizing standards: EN 10346 / ASTM A 653
  • Test report according to EN 10204 – 3.1
  • Certified welders according to ÖNORM EN ISO 14732:2013
  • Certified NDT-personnel according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9712
  • Certified according to FM, UL and cUL.
  • Continuous inline eddy current and thermographic test of the weld seam
  • Continuous inline measurement of the pipe geometry
  • Own roll groove facility
  • Each pipe is hydro pressure tested (85 bar)


WGalweld 5, 5E, 7, 7E

WFlow 5, WLight 7


WGalweld 7