All-round protection for tubes

High quality corrosion protection for steel pipes – Wuppermann has the solution: “WGalweld”. This new generation of galvanized pipes resulted at the end of an extensive process of development. Perfectly translating Wuppermann’s expertise gained over many years in the all-round corrosion protection, it is a technically and economically unique manufacturing method.

Continuous thermal galvanizing ensures that the inner and outer weld are also fully protected with an exceptionally adhesive zinc coating. For this reason, WGalweld tubes are the material of choice for products that require complicated forming.

The benefits of the WGalweld procedure at a glance:

  • Economic corrosion protection due to
    • zinc coating thickness according to customer’s choice
    • options of differential galvanization
  • Corrosion resistant weld, in and outside
  • Best zinc adhesion on strip galvanized tubes compared to batch-galvanized tubes • Excellent price-performance ratio due to thin section thickness
  • Smooth, homogeneous surface of the tube material
    • Outside: perfect basis for a subsequent organic coating
    • Inside: as a quality feature for low hydraulic pressure loss

Details and quality-relevant key data can be found in the fold-out table:


Round tubeØ 30 - 115 mm
Rectangular tube10 x 40 - 40 x 140 mm
Square tube25 x 25 - 90 x 90 mm
Tube lengths2.500 - 15.000 mm
Wall thickness1,00 - 4,00 mm
Strip thickness tolerancesto +/- 0,03 mm
Imperial formats1" to 4"

Tube & profile standards/Steel grades

EN 39 / S235GT
EN 10217-1 /  P195TR1 – P265TR1
EN 10219-1 /  S235JRH – S355J2H
EN 10305-3 & EN 10305-5 / E195+CR1 – E355+CR1
EN 10305-3 & EN 10305-5 / E220+CR2 – E420+CR2
EN 10162 / S250GD – S350GD
ASTM A795M / Type E, Grade A

Product specifications

Zinc coatings per site: 7 – 80 μm (50 – 560 g/m2)
Differential galvanization: in a ratio of up to 2:1
Coatings: Z (pure zinc), ZM (zinc-magnesium)
Coating finish: M (minimized spangle)
Types of surface: A (normal), B/C (rerolled)

Quality data

Certified according to ISO 9001:2008 and ÖNORM EN ISO 3834-3
CE conformity according to EN 10219-1, BPV 305/2011/EU (Nr. 0780-CPR-122060)
Certified according to DGRL 97/23/EG und 97/23/EC (Nr. 01 202 973/Q-14 9999)
Acceptance test certificate according to EN 10204 3.1
Certified welder according to ÖNORM EN ISO 14732:2013
Certified NTD staff according to ÖNORM EN ISO 9712
Primary material from own strip galvanizing according to EN 10346
Constant inline-controlling of weld quality
Inline edy current testing
Constant inline measuring of pipe geometry
Welding processing sequence freely selectable
Pressure test to maximum 150 bar
Own roll groove facility