You are on the company website of Wuppermann Group with its head office in Leverkusen, Germany.

Please note that Wuppermann Group sold all three pure sheet metal working sites as well as the facility for intralogistics and the Wuppermann Rohrtechnik GmbH with effect of 1.1.2018. Details of the sale can be found here.



Wherever narrow tolerances are required, Wuppermann is an experienced and reliable partner. Whether for passenger cars, agricultural machinery, off-road vehicles, cranes, or rail vehicles, our assemblies and tube and sheet-metal components meet the highest specifications. Our wide range of production methods and our comprehensive know-how in steel processing and component development ensure smooth cooperation and therefore cost-effective solutions for the customer.

Individual solutions

Apart from cost-effectiveness, what vehicle manufacturers want most of all is flexibility at the development stage and absolute reliability of supply. That's why we focus totally on our customers' needs: in the selection of source material, at the development stage and also during further optimization until the supply chain is running like clockwork.

Naturally, as a supplier of high-grade flat steel, we also provide our customers from vehicle construction with a wide range of steel strip products to a host of specifications.

Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Axles
  • Attachments and accessories
  • Containers
  • Hydraulic tanks
  • Crane jibs
  • Parts for large cranes
  • Coupling connections
  • Premium tube products for vehicle components and structural body parts
  • Containers for agricultural machinery
  • Tilling shafts for snow groomers
  • Complete chassis frames for car transporters
  • Punched car parts made of galvanized strip steel