Hot-dip galvanized steel strip and accurately fitting tubes for the construction industry and scaffolding

For the most varied applications and requirements

Buildings and structures are often subject to high standards in terms of usability, aesthetics, economy and sustainability. Wuppermann supports the construction industry in meeting these standards with a high degree of flexibility regarding deadlines and quantities, a zero-defect strategy with high product repeatability: pickled or black steel tubes and, for special corrosion protection, high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel strips and tubes.

Which end products are made from Wuppermann products for the construction industry?

Wuppermann's products for the construction industry offer a wide range of possibilities. Special applications are found in hall construction, scaffolding and as ceiling props.
In hall construction, hot-dip galvanized steel strip from Wuppermann is mainly used for the basic construction elements of hall roofs and for components of the fastening technology of these. A speciality made of Wuppermann steel are purlins made of particularly thick galvanized steel: 6mm thick galvanized steel strip provides particular stability in halls. This also results in an economic advantage: because purlins made of this thick galvanized steel offer a larger span width than usual (= distances between the individual purlins). Fewer intermediate supports are needed more. This also allows for a better use of the area.

Our black tubes meet all requirements of structural scaffolding and are characterized by their proven quality. They are a highly specialized product, which is primarily characterized by the high and repetitive accuracy of our production. Black tubes from Wuppermann are appreciated and recognized by all major scaffold manufacturers in Europe. Usually they are galvanized, painted or welded by our customers in the subsequent manufacturing processes. They can be used for simple and complex scaffolds or can be further processed into connecting elements.

Ceiling props are usually applied as steel tube props in residential and commercial construction and represent one main end product made of hot-dip galvanized tubes. Our galvanized tubes for the construction industry are characterized by differential galvanization up to Z600 and ZM600 inside and outside. Due to this full galvanization they offer a very high corrosion protection and have a very nice surface with a good adhesion compared to piece galvanized pipes.

Our pickled tubes can be used for scaffolding tubes and ceiling support tubes with the respective further processing at the customer.

How does Wuppermann products contribute to sustainability?

Sustainability is becoming more and more relevant in today's society - with increasing tendency. The issue of sustainability is also becoming more important in the steel industry, with Wuppermann contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions and energy saving in our production processes - especially in hot-dip galvanizing.

The Wuppermann heat-to-coat galvanizing process saves around 31% of CO2 emissions compared to conventional strip galvanizing processes due to process advantages.

Further information on our advantages for sustainability and the results of our sustainability study by the Fraunhofer Institute you find here.

What are the advantages of steel structures over concrete structures?

Concrete buildings are heavier, cause a longer construction period, are more expensive and pollute the environment more than buildings made of steel constructions. Steel structures have many advantages over concrete as a building material.

One of the advantages is that the production time of steel structures is comparatively short. This time saving results from the system or modular construction method. Due to the modular design, steel constructions are also flexible in use and can be extended or even disassembled if necessary.


Reference products from Wuppermann
From galvanized steel strip and galvanized tubes:

  • Sprinkler tubes
  • Galvanized steel strip for high-rack constructions
  • Galvanized steel strip for load-bearing elements in industrial halls (Z-, C-, and Σ-purlins)
  • Galvanized strip for roof steps and snow guards
  • Galvanized tubes for scaffolding and ceiling props
  • Profiles for guide rails
  • Slotted, all-round galvanized steel strip for mounting rails and cast-in channels
  • Galvanized strip for wood connectors and construction hardware
  • Galvanized strip for doors and gates

Tube and sheet-metal components:

  • Components for elevators
  • Ventilation components
  • Fixing and mounting systems
  • Radiators
  • Scaffolding