Food & Packaging


Stainless steel is the material of choice when it comes to processing and packaging foodstuffs. With its easy formability and high workability, its outstanding hygienic properties and supreme resistance to corrosion, it is ideal for producing high-quality and cost-effective solutions for the food industry. Such products include filling plants for beverages, oils and other liquids, processing equipment for vegetables, fruit, meat and sausages as well as washing plants for containers of all sizes.

In addition, there is the entire packaging sector: wherever products are shrink-wrapped, foil-packed, film-sealed, or vacuum-packed — components and assemblies made of high-grade steel are the preferred choice.

With our experience and expertise in the development and production of a host of high-grade steel solutions for the food-processing and packaging industries, we are the supplier of choice to both these sectors. In addition to supreme quality and reliability, Wuppermann also offers the advantage of a one stop solution, featuring streamlined processes, minimal interfaces, and high cost-effectiveness.

Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Frames and racks for machinery
  • Casings
  • Light fixtures
  • Barrel hoops made of galvanized steel strip