Function and design for the furniture industry

Hot-dip galvanized slit strip and pickled tubes for special final products

Steel provides stability – and elegance. In furniture construction in particular, function and design merge seamlessly, where aesthetics are just as important as statics.
When it comes to the durability and resistance of furniture and furniture components, steel is an indispensable element. Our long-lasting corrosion protection for hot-dip galvanized steel contributes to this.

Which products are offered for the furniture industry?

Wuppermann offers the furniture industry a wide range of materials, surfaces and processing techniques from a single source: Prefabricated pickled or hot-dip galvanized slit strip for construction-reinforcing parts and functional elements based on flat steel, tubes or profiles.

We have specialized in the final product, pull-out rails for drawers, which can be found in kitchen furniture, for example. The material properties are adapted to customer requirements. To ensure the smooth running of drawer slides, Wuppermann supplies hot-dip galvanized steel strip with a maximum surface roughness in longitudinal and transverse direction of 0.5 µm. Pickled steel strip is supplied with a higher roughness so that coatings applied in further processing steps adhere optimally.

Our pickled tubes are used to produce telescopic tubes for height-adjustable desks and chair frames. For chair frames we produce with special perforations and cut-outs for assembly according to customer specifications. Pickled tubes with special geometries according to customer's request are processed into design radiators and lighting radiators. They are characterized by tightest tolerances, exact processing and flawless surfaces and are best suited for automated further processing. The position of the weld seam is freely selectable, so that the tubes are matched to the end product right from the first steps. Characteristic of Wuppermann tubes is the consistent quality you can rely on. Low weight and very low tolerances at the connection points characterize Wuppermann tubes and make them the optimum component for the furniture industry. Equally, design is one of the priorities here: The best raw material from our own production makes it possible to ensure our high quality right from the start, so that all design guidelines for the final products are adhered to.

Optimal cooperation for best products

We bring to the partnership with our customers in the furniture industry not only variety of shapes and precision on the product side but also experience in development. Early cooperation already in the conception phase pays off.

Close cooperation, short communication channels and customized logistics concepts guarantee a successful partnership with efficient processes on both sides. This is our benchmark.

Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Steel strip for pull-out rails
  • Table legs
  • Frames for cantilever chairs and school chairs
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Light fixtures
  • Designer radiators
  • Telescopic premium tubes for height-adjustable tables