As a material, steel is both stable and elegant. In a field such as furniture design, where a product's look is often as important as its stability, form and function tend to merge. The aim is therefore to achieve a balanced synthesis of function and design. As a specialist for solutions in steel, it's a challenge we enjoy helping to solve, whether in the home, office, or school environment.

Wuppermann supplies the furniture industry with a broad spectrum of materials, surface-finishing techniques, and processing methods:

  • Ready-for-use pickled or galvanized steel strip for reinforcing elements
  • Structural and functional elements made from flat rolled steel, tubes, or profiles
  • Visually attractive solutions made of stainless steel

Aesthetic and structural considerations are important, so too are weight reduction and low tolerances at the connecting joints. It is here that we can make full use of our wide-ranging expertise in order to meet the customer's precise requirements.

Functionality meets design

We provide our customers from the furniture industry with not only a wide variety of precision parts and components but also a wealth of experience in product development, where cooperation at the design stage can pay dividends. When engineering joins forces with design, when the full range of materials is used, and when care is taken to make the production process as efficient as possible, then the winner in the end is cost-effectiveness — both for small batch, exclusive production runs and serial manufacture.

In partnership with the furniture industry, we provide high-grade solutions, efficiently executed.

Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Steel strip for pull-out rails
  • Table legs
  • Frames for cantilever chairs and school chairs
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Light fixtures
  • Designer radiators
  • Telescopic premium tubes for height-adjustable tables