Galvanized steel for durable shelving and storage systems

Use existing space with high quality slit strip

The global trade network requires more storage space – further growing in future. More storage space requires better use of space through multiple use of space. Shelving and storage systems made of stable material that will last for decades are an indispensable component of this. They offer space and can be adapted to the different loads and requirements on site. There are various intralogistic solutions depending on the requirements. The high-quality hot-dip galvanized and pickled flat steel from Wuppermann as a robust, resilient and reliable primary material makes an important contribution to these solutions.

What products does Wuppermann offer for warehouse technology?

Galvanized slit strip made of structural steels is the right product from Wuppermann here, which can be further processed into the optimum final product for various shelf and storage systems. For the storage technology sector, we mainly use structural steels so that the requirements for statics in the warehouse with different loads can be met on site and an optimum load distribution is made possible.

Shelving and storage systems for different goods are mostly erected in halls. As they are not exposed to the weather at such locations, even a thin zinc coating of Z140 or Z275 provides sufficient protection against corrosion over the entire lifecycle. At the same time, resources and costs are conserved through the economical use of zinc.
Pickled material is also suitable for shelving and storage systems in halls.

As a special feature, Wuppermann offers the rounded edge on hot-dip galvanized steel strip: It also serves as protection against injury and thus promotes occupational safety at our customers during further processing and at the end customer of the finished shelf or storage system.


Reference products from Wuppermann

  • Slit strip galvanized Z100, Z140, Z200, Z275