High quality steel for profile production

Optimum input material for complex final products

Steel profiles are omnipresent and master complex requirements. Weight reduction, resource optimization and durability are the constant driving forces behind the technical development of profiles.

Wuppermann supplies high-quality and surface-treated slit strip and wide strip that can be optimally processed into robust profiles for every application.

Which Wuppermann products are used for profile production?

The complexity of steel profiles results from the cross-sectional geometries, perforations, notches and various joining techniques. This requires a resistant starting material.

Whether pickled, galvanized or alloyed with a zinc-magnesium coating in the spectrum from Z and ZM150 to Z and ZM1200: Wuppermann steel strip meets all product requirements, tailored to your final product. The coating and surface treatment (skin passing, cold-rerolling) are tailored to the requirements of your further processing. We supply all steel grades according to EN profile standards and special steel grades.
Contact us for the specific requirements of your final product.

Best properties in processing

Our products offer a consistently high quality in surface finish and uniformity of the zinc layer while maintaining the same mechanical properties of the steel.

The advantages of strip galvanized steel from Wuppermann are, on the one hand, the very ductile and firmly adhering zinc layer, which does not burst open during forming. Corrosion protection is also ensured at the bending shoulders of profiles with the tightest bending radii and thick zinc layers. On the other hand, no stress corrosion cracking can occur because a specific zinc bath composition is used.

Wuppermann as a reliable supplier

In addition high dimensional accuracy wide and slit strip, we convince with clean cut edge geometry and sophisticated strip surfaces with the highest corrosion protection. Reliable delivery dates and economical packaging characterize the deliveries to our partners.


Reference products from Wuppermann

  • Wide strip/slit strip galvanized
  • Slit strip zinc-magnesium
  • Slit strip with galvanized edges
  • Slit strip with rounded edges