Silo construction

Steel from Wuppermann for new challenges in silo construction

Growing demand and new challenges in silo construction

The world's population is growing steadily. An increase of 25 % is forecast for the next 30 years alone. Accordingly, the demand for food and animal feed is also growing. Both require appropriate storage facilities. Silo farmers have to break new ground: On the one hand, the silos are getting bigger, on the other hand, the locations are becoming more demanding for the building material. Wuppermann can make a valuable contribution to both.  Because larger silos require higher quality material as well as harsher environments. And that is exactly what Wuppermann supplies.
In addition to the food and animal feed industries, more and more sectors are using silos for storage: the energy and paper industries, the cement, iron and steel industries, waste management, as well as the chemical and medical industries.

Silo construction increasingly relies on steel structures

Steel has significant advantages over concrete in silo construction: Apart from lower costs, deliveries are faster due to shorter construction times.  In addition, steel has a better CO2 balance than concrete. Increasing demand and the need for economic efficiency are increasingly forcing the silo industry to build large plants with cylinder diameters and heights of up to more than 30 metres. This poses new challenges for the material. The steel industry relies on structural steel (S350GD to 550GD) and a strip thickness of up to 6 mm for supporting structure components. For vertical struts subject to compression and bending loads, the Wuppermann Group supplies steel with galvanised longitudinal edges. Wuppermann Austria in Judenburg, Austria, is considered a specialist in the production of hot-rolled strip with galvanised edges.



Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Hot-rolled strip Z350, Z600 (pure zinc)
  • Hot-rolled strip ZM300 (zinc-magnesium)
  • Support structure components with a strip thickness of up to 6 mm
  • Galvanised longitudinal edges for vertical struts subject to compression and bending load