Solar and Energy Technology


In the solar industry, cost-effectiveness is the key factor — both in the photovoltaic and the solar-thermal sectors. This demands continuous enhancement of the technology's efficiency and the development of new grid solutions and improved storage and buffer systems. In terms of the actual solar technology, it also requires the rationalized, efficient manufacture of hardware that is slimline, precisely engineered, true to size, extremely reliable, and also intelligent.

Our part in improving the efficiency of solar technology begins on the drawing board, with calculations to determine the structural load and optimal size of solar cells, modules, and systems. As a rule, the aim is to end up with a perfectly engineered mass-production operation. All efforts at this stage to optimize components and the manufacturing process are therefore crucial, since they make a decisive contribution to the technology's overall cost-effectiveness.

Precision parts for the highest specifications

As a steel specialist, it goes without saying that we have the ability to develop and manufacture the frames, bases, and mountings required for solar systems, including stationary and moving applications. Our advanced galvanizing techniques in combination with sheet metal, tubes, and profiles made of high-grade steel and stainless steel mean that we can guarantee solutions offering extreme durability, dimensional accuracy, and resistance to weathering.

In addition to manufacturing standard parts in large numbers, we develop customized production processes for complex components and systems. Our services also include preassembly, logistics and shipping.

Reference products from Wuppermann:

  • Holding frames for solar cells
  • Bases
  • Mountings
  • Connectors and fasteners
  • Components for tracking systems
  • Components for stationary systems
  • Inverter housings
  • Heat pump housings