Highest standard of corrosion protection

Highest standard of corrosion protection

Highest corrosion protection with lowest CO2 emissions

For more than 145 years, the name Wuppermann has stood for quality in the processing and refinement of steel. Since its foundation in 1872, the medium-sized family business has pursued a strategy of long-term and sustainable growth and consistent value creation in the interests of customers, employees and shareholders. In recent decades, Wuppermann has developed from a steel processor to a leading innovator in corrosion protection.

Today, the Wuppermann Group employs around 800 people throughout Europe at five production sites in the Netherlands, Austria, Poland and Hungary, as well as in holding and sales companies in Germany, Austria, France, Sweden and Romania. It is managed by Wuppermann AG as a holding company based in Leverkusen, which is 100 % family-owned.

The product portfolio includes surface-finished flat steel products with zinc and zinc-magnesium coatings and pickled surfaces, as well as pipes, profiles and pipe components with the same surface types. Wuppermann's products are applied in a wide variety of industries: construction, furniture and automotive industries, solar & energy technology and transport.

As an independent family-owned company, we want to continuously develop Wuppermann through sustainable and future-oriented action and position ourselves as a specialised company with excellent customer service in the steel industry.