Wuppermann group: 100 percent family-owned

Wuppermann AG, the holding company of the Wuppermann Group, is 100 percent family-owned. Members of the family are present in both the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management. A family charter regulates the relationship between the family and the company as well as the principle of succession, within the family, to management positions.

Family shareholders council

A family shareholders council was established in 2010. Its purpose is to facilitate communication between shareholders, on the one hand, and the Supervisory Board and the Board of Management, on the other. The family shareholders council is chaired by Erica Ruetz.

The family shareholders council is involved in the formulation of policy and guidelines, and also helps within the family to form opinion and create a constructive culture of consultation based on trust. In addition, the family shareholders council helps family members acquire the expertise required by a family-owned company.