The long-term success of our company vitally depends on business relations that are based on mutual trust, respect, and esteem. It is part of our responsibility to develop and maintain these relations. We therefore base our actions on the following principles:


Trust and mutual esteem are at the heart of any successful partnership and an essential ingredient of long-term business success.

We therefore commit ourselves to the following in all our dealings with colleagues, customers, and business partners:

  • Integrity
  • Candour
  • Responsibility
  • Esteem

For us, acting with integrity presupposes that we ensure safety in the workplace.

Customer orientation

At Wuppermann, we always focus on the customer's needs. Our aim is to set the benchmark for product quality and customer orientation. As such, our goal is to deliver an optimal blend of reliability and flexibility.


Efficiency in the utilization of capital, energy, time and other resources is what makes us competitive. It is therefore crucial to our long-term business success. For this reason, we intend to boost our company's operating efficiency and competitiveness in all our spheres of activity by encouraging cost awareness, an economical use of resources, flexibility and an orientation towards results.

It is our aim that the name Wuppermann should be valued and respected throughout Europe as a guarantee for quality made of steel. We remain committed to upholding our values and to meeting our shared objectives in order to move closer everyday towards achieving this goal.