Comprehensive corrosion protection for steel - Wuppermann supplies Kristal Solar Park

Leverkusen, Germany, 11 July 2019 – The Kristal Solar Park, the largest photovoltaic installation in the Benelux, roots on a solid basis due to corrosion protected steel supplied by Wuppermann. Steel coated in Z1200, which means a zinc layer of 1,200 grams per square meter, is roll-formed by Wuppermann´s customer voestalpine Sadef into ram posts as essential part of their solar mounting system FASTSLIDE®.Even in harsh environments and diverse soil conditions, a layer of 85µm pure zinc on both sides of the steel ensures long-term viability of the solar installation. Only by this extraordinary high corrosion protection through very thick zinc coating solar park operators are enabled to exploit soiled grounds for renewable energy generation.“As far as we know, this is the highest zinc layer and hence the highest corrosion protection produced on the European markets”, says Hubert Pletz, Managing Director of Wuppermann Austria GmbH. The production plant in Judenburg, Austria, is one of three hot-dip galvanizing lines from Wuppermann. The park will have a capacity of 100 megawatts and includes ten different plots of land covering, an equivalent of 200 football fields. The project is located near the town of Lommel in the East of Belgium and meets all the energy needs of the Nyrstar zinc-melting facility.Beside the high level of corrosion protection the quick delivery time within four weeks was one of the main reasons for voestalpine Sadef to choose continuous galvanized steel from Wuppermann. „The ram posts are the first components of a mounting system, which have to be installed in a solar park“, says Kris Bardyn, purchasing manager of voestalpine Sadef. „Usually there is a very short period between ordering the material for posts and the start of the installation. Therefore the supplier needs to be flexible and quick.”Marc Depauw, head of voestalpine Sadef´s engineering department adds: „One of the key benefits of continuous galvanized steel is that the profiles can be shipped right after forming to the place of installation. This saves time, costs and rework is also not necessary, compared to batch galvanized material. Because of the enormous dimensions of the Kristal Solar Park, various soil conditions are applicable. Therefore we decided to go for a solution, which already has proven its qualities in different solar projects. We were happy to equip with voestalpine Sadef´s mounting systems. Nevertheless, we are curious to design upcoming projects with Wuppermann´s zinc-magnesium Wzm 600, which is already available. This is for sure a highly interesting alternative, especially for harsh environments and soil applications.“