Wuppermann Austria receives "Energy Audit Plus" for considerable energy savings

Judenburg, Austria, 28th August 2019 – In October 2015, Wuppermann Austria GmbH joined the E-LEEN network, which is supported by Energie Steiermark AG. The network E-LEEN is a learning energy efficiency network which deals with building processes and transport. The merger of several companies in cooperation with the State of Austria had formulated an overriding goal for all network participants, within which each company set itself the scope of its own energy savings. The duration of the project was set from October 2015 to June 2019.

"In the network objective, Wuppermann promised a saving of 1,459 MWh/a for the period mentioned. At 1,742.69 MWh/a, we exceeded this figure. We are thus contributing 9.8 % to the overall target," says Josef Koini, energy commissioner and E-LEEN project manager at Wuppermann Austria GmbH. The network's objectives included key issues to be implemented. The individual energy-saving measures of these topics were organised and coordinated by each network participant. Thus Wuppermann Austria was able to achieve the three largest savings with the measures renewal of the cooling air fans (319.85 MWh/a), induction heating of the strip galvanizing line 1 (498 MWh/a) and hot water generation by means of a heat pump (711.8 MWh/a). Many smaller savings could be achieved by replacing the lighting in various buildings and, in total, made a significant contribution. In terms of annual energy consumption, this represents a total saving of 8.2 %.

For the network participants, an "energy audit plus" was prepared in accordance with the Federal Energy Efficiency Act (EEffG) of the Republic of Austria §18 in order to meet the requirements of this Act on the one hand and to achieve actual and sustainable energy savings on the other. The EEffG came into force on 01.01.2015. Energy suppliers - from 25 GWh of paid energy sold to end consumers - are obliged to take efficiency measures with themselves, their end customers or other end energy consumers or to make a corresponding compensation payment (supplier obligation). The energy saving measures of the individual participants were monitored in advance by the Monitoring Agency of the Austrian State. All measures taken by Wuppermann Austria GmbH were recognised in this process.

Despite the success in terms of savings, Wuppermann Austria does not want to rest on its laurels, but is convinced that it will find further potential. The effort is worth it: energy efficiency has tangible ecological and economic advantages and is becoming increasingly relevant in the steel industry. For this reason, a second run of the E-LEEN network will be launched in autumn 2019. The energy audit will already take place in September and will examine where further energy measures can be implemented as successfully as before by Wuppermann Austria GmbH.